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Behavior Concerns

The veterinary team at Chanticleer Veterinary Hospital believes in working towards healthy minds, emotional states, and interpersonal relationships within ourselves, our patients, and our clients. We focus on Fear Free handling and low stress veterinary visits with every patient.

For kittens, puppies, and the newly adopted, this involves making their first veterinary visit a positive experience through treats, examinations on the floor instead of the table, if appropriate, and a calm demeanor.
When patients are anxious due to previous life experiences, we discuss the various anti-anxiety options, from supplements to prescription medications. We value early intervention for behavioral concerns with the goal of making interactions with your pets more joyful and less challenging!
Our veterinarians have a special interest in behavior and for pets with existing behavioral concerns, we can help you navigate preliminary steps and can refer you to a veterinary behaviorist if we can’t make life better.
We also are happy to offer situational anxiety resources and scheduled sedated grooming services including mat removal, nail trims, and anal gland expressions, when appropriate.