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Genetic Testing

We are excited to offer genetic testing with the goal of identifying risks for inherited diseases that allow you to prepare for or even prevent illnesses before they strike.  For mixed breed dogs, we work with the veterinary branch of Embark, which is partnered with Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, to test for over 210 genetic health risks, giving us insight into which breeds have contributed to a dog’s genetic make-up.  If risks are identified, our veterinarians, with direct access to geneticists, can help make a plan to address these.

For 16 breeds of purebred dogs, we work with the genetics lab at UC Davis’ School of Veterinary Medicine to obtain genetic information for a panel of each breed’s specific health concerns.  We can also test for the MDRI mutation specifically, which identifies a greater potential for negative reactions to certain drugs.

For all genetic testing, we handle collection of the appropriate sample, shipping, and review results with our clients as we receive them.