Along with joy and laughter, puppies and kittens come with a “to do” list and often quite a few challenges in those first few months. We are there to help you navigate health and behavioral concerns with a veterinarian and nursing team through these early wellness visits.

Our initial consultations include beginning vaccinations as appropriate for age, addressing parasite control with free doses of appropriate products, a nutrition conversation, and behavioral counseling to ease adjustments to other pets and family members. In subsequent visits we discuss spaying and neutering, microchipping, beginning oral care to minimize the need for dental cleanings, genetic risks, and grooming or nail trimming.

We pride ourselves on our pediatric care and are pleased to introduce you to an individual veterinary nurse you can contact directly for follow up questions. Our puppy and kitten health packages not only provide a road map for the first four months of life but also discount that care. Ask us what these include!

Our Nothing In Life Is Free Handout
Nothing In Life is Free (NILIF) is a program that we use to help teach dogs how to be better prepared to live in human society.

20 Questions Insurance Handout
Questions to help you choose a pet insurance provider

Introducing A Pet To Other Pets Handout
When you first bring home a new pet, expect a period of transition and adjustment for the other pets in the household.